~ Asney Scagliola  ~ Beginnings ~

Asney Scagliola  began in 1986 as The Restoration Group, a small group interested in the conservation of historic interiors, especially scagliola. Soon we began to receive orders for new work in scagliola. We used our research into the history of the craft to find manufacturing techniques as close to those of the nineteenth century as was practically possible. Our original workshop was in the Somerset hamlet of Asney so we became known as Asney Scagliola.

~ The Business ~

By 2000 we found ourselves largely involved in sub-contracting to possibly the largest manufacturer of architectural scagliola in Britain – Hayles & Howe of Bristol.  Their policy of excellence in workmanship and top quality products is something we will always share.  There is no room for second best in scagliola.  At this point we decided to become a limited company registered in UK:  Asney Scagliola Ltd.

Since then we have set up our web site scagliola.biz, expanded our own client base again, and we are now largely serving private and corporate clients, designers and institutions. Sometimes we work jointly with other crafts and consider all possibilities in our approach to a job. This flexibility allows us to continue to develop our craft.

We have now simplified our administrative side, reverting to our original status – a group of very experienced sole trader scagliolists, producing top quality work and adept at overcoming any obstacles that may stand between us and workmanship in which we can take pride.

We are now based in Shropshire near the beautiful town of Bishops Castle where work and research continue.

~ Asney Scagliola People ~

  • Asney Scagliola is led by Simon Bacon.
  • Alastair Goodall is usually on hand in London.
  • Antonia Doyle is workshop overseer
  • William James is technical advisor

We rely on numerous specialists, ad hoc workers, contract scagliolists and others who together make Asney Scagliola.

~ The Future ~

The insidious search for growth that plagues modern industry and commerce has nothing to do with us. AS is more concerned with stability in organization and size, and a continuing emphasis on top quality workmanship and good customer relations. We have regular clients, and many new ones that pop in via our web-site. We continue to export to clients in USA, Europe and Asia, most of whom we never meet, although through negotiations we think of them as acquaintances we can’t quite put a face to.

~ Our Work ~

Much of our work in the early days was subcontract work for other makers and we still retain good contact with them all. In this capacity we have worked making scagliola on site in Europe, India, Dubai, and USA.

Sub-contracting to Hayles & Howe of Bristol and others we have been involved in conservation of historic scagliola at Lancaster House, the Reform Club, and many other London buildings, and in new work at Buckingham Palace, The Brompton Oratory, The British Museum, etc.

Recent works of note by Asney Scagliola include :-

  • Cheltenham Town Hall   – repair and conservation of scagliola columns.
  • The Poulet monument at Hinton St. George Church   – investigations into the history of  an extremely early example of British made scagliola, and surveying for its restoration.
  • Clients in USA
    • supplying scagliola display pedestals, table tops and urns
  • Clients in India
    • scagliola columns
  • Clients in Europe
    • architectural panels, table tops, display pedestals
    • scagliola fire surrounds, overmantles, architectural mouldings
  • Clients in UK
    • conservation work of C18th altar panel, also a pair of C19th scagliola vases and pedestals
    • C19th pedestals from Windsor Castle
    • conservation surveys.
    • sets of museum pedestals in various coloured scagliolas
    • new table tops, fire surrounds, architectural mouldings
    • many sculptures cast in scagliola for the sculptress Felicia Fletcher.
    • scagliola columns