We can supply architectural scagliola including columns and pilasters to any dimensions or colours required.

The shaft and base of a column is scagliola, and usually the capital is made of plain plaster. Plain columns can be made by applying scagliola to a hollow core, then turning the column on a lathe. The resulting column can, if required, be split lengthwise and fitted around a weight bearing stanchion or concrete pillar, the join being refilled on site. Fluted columns and all pilasters are made in moulds. Capitals and bases are supplied separately and the whole is assembled in situ.

  • 998f A set of 12 dish-fluted columns awaiting installation
  • Sandstone scagliola with dark vein
    997d close-up of 12 dish-fluted columns awaiting installation
  • 692 Siena column
  • 914 Close up of red brocatel column
  • 926 Marezzo Column
  • Blue Columns
    1180 Blue Columns
  • 943 Stylised Malachite
  • 665 Work in progress
  • 87 Scagliola applied direct to concrete pillars and finished in situ
  • 115 Black Forest column