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Unless you are a regular customer there will usually need to be a following dialogue to agree details.

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Good Timing

The making of scagliola is time consuming. In addition, the scagliola must be allowed to dry before it can be finished, and then dry again before being wrapped for transporting.
Check when ordering how long to completion of the job.

Terms of Trade

Payment :- 50% deposit is required with order for new clients.
Balance on completion.

Prices and Transport

Scagliola is not cheap. It’s wonderful and worth it!

We stick fairly closely to traditional production methods which are labour intensive but give true authentic results. We have automated some of the finishing processes a little, but we will not cut corners if quality is affected.

We have kept our prices down as much as we can by being a very low overhead business.

Prices are quoted approximately to give you an idea of what’s involved, and then when details are decided a firm quote can be given. All prices are ex works and do not include transport costs.

Prices on request – call 07721-012727