Scagliola looks just like marble but more adaptable and not so heavy !

We use traditional techniques and materials to make Scagliola very much as it was made over two hundred years ago in England

Victorian Fireplace

Scagliola is made from pigmented gypsum. Plaster of Paris is mixed with earth or mineral pigments to produce colour. It is usually mixed by one of many techniques so that it resembles natural marble or granite. The work is then polished to a marble-like finish.

The Scagliola researchers, myself included, have worked since the 1970’s to bring about a revival of the craft, essentially to enable the conservation of the existing 18th century work, but in the process to find new ways to employ the material, which has such a grand and fascinating lineage.

Our work results in valuable pieces of craftsmanship following a tradition rooted in the mists of history.

Columns and Pilasters

Architectural scagliola including panelling, door surrounds, and other mouldings, paneling, door surrounds and other mouldings

Pedestals and Plinths

Various Pedestals

19 Various Pedestals

For museums, galleries and houses

Tables and Table Tops


Victorian Fireplace

932 Victorian Fireplace

Sculpture and Other products

Circle of Life by Felicia Fletcher Malachite scagliola 18" x 17"

Circle of Life by Felicia Fletcher Malachite scagliola 18″ x 17″

Conservation and Restoration

Advice on all aspects of care and conservation of scagliola

Gallery and Colours