Table tops are crucial to the history of scagliola. The earliest examples of scagliola in England are table tops brought back from Northern Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries by young gentry on the Grand Tour.

These beautiful pictorial tables by such artists as the unlikely named monk Don Enrico Hugford, took many years to complete and were extremely expensive. Today this complex inlay work is rarely undertaken – but if you’ve got the money (£5000 upwards) we’d love to do it. A typical Hugford table produced today would cost in the region of £150,000.

Scagliola table tops without inlay, say 1m x 2m can be made from £500 approx. It is important to find a cabinet maker who can provide a suitable frame to support the top.

We are working in conjunction with furniture designers to produce a range of contemporary or period tables.

Moroccan” coffee tables

These tables, 57cm in diameter, can be supplied with an ornamental wrought iron base

554 Rhodochrosite

555 Porto Oro

555 Porto Oro

Contemporary tables

380A side table on cherrywood base

380A side table on cherrywood base

Period tables

Period Tables

Inlaid tables

Art Decco Tables

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