~ Infinite Choice ~

We produce certain standard types, usually based on a real marble or granite.

Examples being Verona Rossa (red), Lapis Lazuli (blue), Malachite (green), Sienna (yellow). Some types of scagliola are traditional stylised figurings, originally derived from actual marble, which have remained unchanged for 200 years.

There are infinite possibilities – colours can be modified – made paler or more intense – figuring can be changed in so many ways.

~ How to choose ~

You probably have an idea of what you are looking for. Maybe you can provide photos or sketches, even a sample of marble. Perhaps you can choose which scagliola you want from our Gallery of photos. Some clients have invented their own marble figuring! (it is very easy to go wrong doing this). We are happy to help bring out the best in your designs. One way or another we should be able to meet your requirements. Talk it over with us.

~ New Figurings ~

Our ‘bible’ is a book containing thousands of ‘recipes’ for different types of ‘scag’ produced over the years. These standard figurings can be made without preliminary trials.

To develop a new recipe, and create a new figuring requires trials, and sometimes we produce samples for clients to accept, modify or reject. This is always interesting for us and we are happy to meet the extra cost involved to a point. The point usually comes after the first set of samples has been produced. We reserve the right to charge costs for subsequent sets of samples.

In restoration work, where we match existing scagliola or marble, colour and figuring trials may last for days in some stubborn cases. We allow a days work or so for this is our quotation, then the only extra cost to the client is in waiting the time taken for us to ‘crack the code’ of the recipe. Sometimes the ‘Eureka’ can be heard across the valley.

~ Samples of Scagliola ~

To browse samples of different scagliolas click on any of the colours